Ninth Circle
Ninth Circle (CD)
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Description: Perfectly recorded, morose dream-pop in the tradition of albums like Medusa by Clan of Xymox, Sleeps with Fishes by Michael Brook/Peiter Nooten, and Blue Day by Slowdive. Female and male harmonies work together with brooding guitar and synth soundscapes that both entice and sadden... A wonderfully dark and beautiful first release by Seattle's Ninth Circle. Very evocative ice-blue cover art photography by Elisa Chough.

Tracks: (linked titles indicate a RealAudio file)

1. Beyond Memories
2. Deliver Me (160k)
3. Rain
4. Break The Ice
5. The Winds of Winter (111k)
6. Temptation
7. Teardrops Shatter
8. Visum Et Repertum II
9. Isolation (100k)
10. Blackest Penitance
11. Judgement
12. Dark Horizons