Faith &Disease
Lamentations: A Collection (CD)
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Description: "Lamentations: A Collection is a new CD that compiles cuts from the Seattle band's four previous releases, concisely sketching Faith & Disease as artists in full command of their sad muse..."
- The Willamette Week, 11/4/99

Lamentations contains 16 tracks and 69 minutes of Faith & Disease cuts personally selected by Dara Rosenwasser and Eric Cooley, showcasing the range and depth of 8 years creating music together.

Tracks: (linked titles indicate a RealAudio file)

1. Baudelaire
2. Hashivenu (114k)
3. Jardeau Blue
4. Voltaire's Vallerie (7" version, previously unreleased)
5. Igloo
6. Wallow (66k)
7. Crown of Sorrow (100k)
8. Emalee
9. Perhaps...Persephone
10. Marie Don't Sleep In Your Makeup
11. Summer Fade (previously unreleased)
12. Madrigal
13. Chandra's Lament
14. Glass-Glow World
15. Yellow Dress
16. Cocoon

Faith &Disease
Insularia (CD)
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"A dreamy, laconic, and mature collection of work from a band regarded as Seattle's standard bearers…"
-David Slatton,
The Stranger

Description: For the fourth and newest full-length, Seattle's Faith & Disease have sculpted their finest and most focused album to date. Insularia features 11 new studio tracks, moving through "oceanic depths of sound with intelligent finesse, the sheer prettiness of their sound is more reminiscent of Mazzy Star's dispersed simplicity…*" The instrumentation is varied, including violin (Baudelaire), flute (Cocoon), Steel Pedal Guitar (Old Dusk Dakota), and slide guitar, keyboards and guest vocals from Chris and Carla of the Walkabouts. Insularia just might "lull you into a sleep of opiated dreams…"

*courtesy of Tiffany Lee Brown, Anodyne Magazine.

Tracks: (linked titles indicate a RealAudio file)

1. Perhaps...Persephone
2. Yellow Dress
3. Marie Don't Sleep In Your Makeup
4. Birthday Party
5. Violet II
6. Space Song II
7. I Come and Stand at Every Door
8. Old Dusk Dakota
9. Baudelaire
10. Witches
11. Cocoon

Faith & Disease
Livesongs: Third Body (CD)
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Description: Of Livesongs: Third Body, Discorder Magazine wrote: "Akin to being immersed in a deep, dark sea - comforting, but slightly eerie..."
The third full-length CD from Seattle's Faith & Disease includes mostly new material recorded live at various locations; The Troubadour in LA, The infamous Crocodile Café in Seattle, King Theater in Seattle, and even a track from Faith & Disease's appearance on the Spud Goodman Show. Also included are two unreleased studio tracks, and an "anomolies" from 1992-94. Overall, Livesongs: Third Body is 11 tracks of moody, slower-tempo ambiance best experienced "in the middle of the night with lights out and headphones on..." (Seattle Weekly, 8/21/96)

Tracks: (linked titles indicate a RealAudio file)

1. Percussion Intro (live at the Troubadour 9-21-95)
2. Ashes Are Burning (131k) (live at the Troubadour 9-21-95)
3. Space Song (90k) (live at the Troubadour 9-21-95)
4. Witches (97k) (live at the King Theater 1-28-95)
5. Violet (live at the Crocodile 6-9-95)
6. Fortune His Sleep III (from the Spud Goodman Show - KTZZ/Fox)
7. Closure Song (live at the Crocodile 3-11-95)
8. Solobatia (unreleased studio track)
9. Overwhelmed Beneath Me (from Of These Reminders - Projekt)
10. Instrumental (live at the Tractor 11-21-95)
11. Healing Anne (live at the Bumbershoot Arts Festival '92)

* Track 12 (unlisted) contemplates the role of stage diving in Faith & Disease's aesthetic.

Faith & Disease
Fortune His Sleep (CD)
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Description: The definitive Faith & Disease sound is captured here on their second release, an impressive album from start to finish. Highly eclectic and different from track to track, Faith & Disease use the majestic voice of Dara Rosenwasser weaved in with acoustic and electric guitars, melodic leading bass structures, ethnic percussion, and the occasional violin, rainstick, bells, tambourine and classically-inspired baroque synth sounds. Critically acclaimed by the likes of Alternative Press, B-Side Magazine, Option, HUH, and others. Cover art: Floating Tranquility by Eric Cooley.

Tracks: (linked titles indicate RealAudio file)

1. Healing Anne
2. Hashivenu (114k)
3. Wallow (66k)
4. Fortune His Sleep I
5. Memorium
6. Ashes Are Burning
7. Jardeau Blue
8. Amelius Unhappy (132k)
9. Madrigal
10. All Cats Are Grey (49k)
11. Like Lilith
12. Fortune His Sleep II

Faith & Disease
Beauty and Bitterness (CD)
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Description: This debut album by Faith & Disease went to #1 on Seattle's popular radio station KCMU for an amazing three-months, not bad for an album culled from two different "demo tapes" personally financed and produced by the band for about $400 total ("A naïve masterpiece," according to bassist Eric Cooley). Songs range from textured gloominess ("Chandra's Lament," "Ebb and Tide") to light-hearted folk rock ("Glass Glow World," "Content Injuries") and everything in-between, yet still sounding like an even, consistent body of music. Cover art: "A Child" by Lucca Della Robia (1466).

Tracks: (linked titles indicate RealAudio file)

1. Igloo
2. Ebb & Tide (222k)
3. Beauty and Bitterness
4. Emalee I
5. Emalee II
6. Glass Glow World
7. Chandra's Lament
8. Crown of Sorrow (100k)
9. Content Injuries
10. Metallic Cat*
11. Louise*

* Attention audiophiles: The original pressing of Beauty and Bitterness includes the since-deleted track "Tuesday's Creation" (track 11), and "Metallic Cat" and "Louise" are unlisted bonus tracks. 1,000 of these discs were printed. The inside artwork and group photo are also different from subsequent pressings.

Faith & Disease
"Jardeau Blue"/ "Crown of Sorrow" (7" single)
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Description: Considered one of their strongest songs, "Jardeau Blue" charted at #35 on the Vancouver singles charts as reported by CITR radio and Discorder magazine. Soon to go out of print. The B-side, "Crown of Sorrow," includes backing vocals by Mary
Beautiful b&w sleeve with reprint of Julia Margaret Camerons "Kiss of Peace" photograph from 1869.


1. Jardeau Blue
2. Crown of Sorrow